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Rosa’s Thai Cafe the Vegetarian Cookbook - Saiphin Moore

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Rosa’s Thai Cafe the Vegetarian Cookbook - Saiphin Moore

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‘Damn, Saiphin can cook – the perfect ambassador for this glorious food and country’ – Tom Parker Bowles ‘One of London’s coolest female chefs’ – Time Out Finding strictly vegetarian food in Thailand can be tricky, where fish sauce is the king of the kitchen. In the follow-up to her debut, Rosa’s Thai Cafe: The Cookbook, Saiphin Moore embraces this challenge, creating over 100 delicious and simple recipes for Thai-loving vegans and vegetarians. Featuring authentic dishes such as Tom yum noodle soup, Congee with shiitake mushrooms, Stir-fried aubergine with roasted chilli paste and Butternut red curry, this brilliant sequel adds an exciting new strand to Rosa’s repetoire.

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Saiphin Moore
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