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Naked Wine - Alice Feiring

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Naked Wine - Alice Feiring

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Naked wine is wine stripped down to its basics–wine as it was meant to be: wholesome, exciting, provocative, living, sensual, and pure. Naked, or natural, wine is the opposite of most New World wines today; Alice Feiring calls them overripe, over-manipulated, and overblown and makes her case that good (and possibly great) wine can still be made, if only winemakers would listen more to nature and less to marketers, and stop using additives and chemicals. But letting wine make itself is harder than it seems.

Three years ago, Feiring answered a dare to try her hand at natural winemaking. In Naked Wine, she details her adventure–sometimes calm, sometimes wild, always revealing–and peers into the nooks and crannies of today’s exciting, new (but centuries-old) world of natural wine.

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Alice Feiring
363.00 g
210 × 140 × 25 mm
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