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Making Sparkling Wines at Home -

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Making Sparkling Wines at Home -

“Sparkling wines, or champagnes, have a charm and attraction all their own: they are synonymous with celebration and happiness and are the natural choice for celebrations and any kind of festivity. The ability to make sparkling wine is one of the most desirable accomplishments for a vintner. And for any home winemaker to produce his or her own sparkling wine is one-upmanship to the Nth degree! Yet it is perfectly possible to make champagne-style wine at home. Making Sparkling Wines at Home provides everything that the average DIY brewer needs to know to produce impressive sparkling wines that will be the envy of any winemaking gathering. This book is focused on one subject–teaching readers how to make their own top-shelf sparkling wine. John Restall and Don Hebbs have spent decades exploring the techniques of sparkling wine production and in discovering the secrets of producing champagne-like wine of superb quality. Now, in a revised and updated edition of this classic book, they take the reader step-by-step through the process of making sparkling wine, so that even a beginner to home winemaking will have success. This book shows the reader how to produce outstanding sparkling wines at a modest cost. Basic information is provided onwhat ingredients can be used successfully and what bottles and closures are needed. The authors explain their methods and principles for fruit preparation, temperature control, fermenting under pressure, racking, clarification, and assessment. Recipes for making ten different types of sparkling wine are provided, with tips and advice on tasting and serving”-

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