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Japan The Cookbook (ENG) - Nancy Singleton Hachisu

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Japan The Cookbook (ENG) - Nancy Singleton Hachisu

Nancy Singleton Hachisu’s “Japan: The Cookbook” is a culinary treasure trove that offers a delightful journey into the heart of Japanese cuisine. With more than 400 authentic Japanese recipes thoughtfully curated for the home cook, this cookbook brings the flavors and traditions of Japan right to your kitchen.

Nancy Singleton Hachisu, a California native, has made her home on a farm in Saitama, Japan, with her Japanese husband. Her deep connection to Japan is evident in her meticulous approach to Japanese cooking. She brings a wealth of experience to the table, having authored four books and contributed to renowned publications like The Art of Eating, Saveur, Food & Wine, National Geographic Food, and BBC Travel. Her appearance in the ‘Salt’ episode of Netflix’s “Salt Fat Acid Heat,” hosted by Samin Nosrat, further highlights her culinary expertise. If you’re familiar with her successful book “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat,” you’ll know you’re in for a treat with her exploration of Japanese cuisine.

Now, let’s delve into the cookbook itself. “Japan: The Cookbook” offers an extensive collection of recipes that cover the spectrum of Japanese cooking. From the art of making sushi and sashimi to hearty comfort foods like ramen and tempura, Hachisu’s cookbook provides a well-rounded view of Japan’s diverse culinary landscape.

One of the standout features of this cookbook is its commitment to authenticity. Hachisu takes great care to ensure that the recipes are true to their Japanese roots, allowing you to create dishes that taste as if they were prepared in a traditional Japanese kitchen. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced cook, the clear and concise instructions make it accessible to anyone interested in mastering Japanese cuisine.

The book’s photography is visually stunning, showcasing not only the dishes but also the culture and landscapes of Japan. It adds an immersive dimension to the cookbook, making it a joy to flip through even when you’re not in the mood to cook.

However, it’s worth noting that some of the recipes may require special ingredients that might not be readily available in all areas. Japanese cooking can sometimes be intricate, and sourcing specific items may take a little extra effort. Nonetheless, this is a common challenge when exploring international cuisines, and it can be a rewarding experience in itself.

In conclusion, Nancy Singleton Hachisu’s “Japan: The Cookbook” is a comprehensive and authentic resource for anyone eager to explore the rich and diverse world of Japanese cuisine. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or just beginning your culinary journey, this book offers a genuine taste of Japan in the comfort of your own kitchen. It’s a valuable addition to any cookbook collection and a wonderful way to bring the flavors of Japan to your dining table.


Nancy Singleton Hachisu
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