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How to break an egg -

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How to break an egg -

This book is an entertaining and invaluable culinary reference for cooks of all skill levels. It brings together a wealth of kitchen-tested tips and hints, quick fixes and proven kitchen techniques originally published in the pages of Fine Cooking magazine. The Handy Kitchen Techniques section illustrates step-by-step 42 basic preparation techniques, from trussing a chicken to clarifying butter. This work includes: ingredient tips; cooking tips; storage and safety tips; kitchen techniques; what to do when things go wrong: cake catastrophes; befuddled biscuits; bread blues; muffin mishaps; pie pitfalls; chocolate conundrums; egg-ravation; saucy situations; handy and ingenious tips: for perfectly sliced mushrooms use an egg slicer; grip jar lids with sandpaper; use a cold soda bottle to roll out sticky dough; pitting, peeling and dicing mango; frozen rocks and pebbles will keep crudities cold.

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The Taunton Press
, December
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