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Cooking Aboard Your RV -

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Cooking Aboard Your RV -

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Preface to the Second EditionIntroduction1. How Green Was My Galley2. Furnishing the Kitchen on Wheels3. Beverages: Let’s Drink to RV Camping!4. Wake-Up Call: Breakfast5. Bread: A Lust for Loafing6. Soup’s On7. Anytime Foods: Sandwiches, Appetizers, Snacks8. Menu Makers: Meat and Poultry9. Seafood: Fishing for Compliments10. Some Like It in One Pot: One-Dish Meals11. One Potato, Two: Starches and Side Dishes12. Light My Fire!13. Celebrate Vegetables14. Your Salad Days15. SOS: Meals from Shelf Staples16. Saucy and Smart17. Sweet Somethings: Desserts18. Gifts That Say “Good-Bye and Godspeed”AppendixIndex

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